14th Annual Cumbre Juvenil

September 17 - 19th, 2020

Virtual Online Platform



HEALING JUSTICE: Culture, Social Justice & Action

"The Youth Movement"

JUSTICIA SANADORA: Cultura, Justicia & Acción

"El Movimiento Juvenil"






























The Annual Cumbre Juvenil is a social justice conference for middle and high school youth who speak Spanish. The Cumbre is a safe space to examine social justice issues and intersectionality for leadership, community, and movement building. We aim to strengthen communication between generations by empowering youth voices and authentically honoring cultural identities.

The ACJ is a gender specific conference for female* youth while honoring and including non-binary, gender fluid, queer and trans identities. ACJ is an inclusive space that recognizes and honors female as an energy present in all beings.

*Female is defined as assigned female at birth, socialized as female, or female self identified.

*Our space welcomes, honors, and celebrates Latinx youth of all identities, and documentation status.

*Language: Bilingual (Eng/Span) workshops, Spanglish honored.

This conference takes place simultaneously with Cumbre Compañeras, our annual adult conference for and

by Spanish-speaking Women.


*Latinx used throughout the website and programming is utilized as an umbrella term to bring attention to going beyond the heterosexual gender binary of distinct male and female identities and sexualities. The use of X allows for awareness that male/female energies are present in all humans regardless of sex and that there are more than two genders. Within our Latinx community folks may identify as Chicano/a/x, Mexicano/a/x, etc. and may reject Latinx entirely.

Latinx here is addressing the spectrum of identities specifically within the US due to it’s political nature referring to the modern day first generation experience. For example, folks in Mexico, Central and South America would not necessarily identify with Latinx due to political and social locations and native Spanish-speakers would not necessarily move to make the Spanish language non-binary with the X as it is not a fluid way of speaking, as oppose to the ‘e’.

La Cumbre Anual Juvenil es una conferencia de justicia social para jóvenes de escuelas secundaria y preparatoria que hablan español. La Cumbre es un espacio seguro para examinar los asuntos de justicia social e interseccionalidad para fomentar el liderazgo y movimientos en la comunidad. Nuestro objetivo es fortalecer la comunicación entre generaciones, empoderando las voces de jóvenes para honrar la autenticidad de la identidad cultural.


La Cumbre Juvenil Anual es una conferencia específica para jóvenes de género femenino* que también honra las identidades no binarias, género fluido, queer y trans. ACJ es un espacio inclusivo que reconoce y honra la femineidad como una energía presente en todos los seres. *El género femenino se define como aquel asignado en el nacimiento, socializado como un ser femenino o autoidentificado.

*Nuestro espacio da la bienvenida, honra, y celebra a la juventud Latinx de todas identidades, independientemente de su estado migratorio. 

*Idioma: Talleres en Español/Ingles, Spanglish es aceptado. 


Esta conferencia se hace simultáneamente con la Cumbre de Mujeres Compañeras, una conferencia anual de mujeres para mujeres que hablan español. 


Are you interested in presenting at the ACJ?

Contact Maya Sol for future opportunities!


Creative Expressions: Spoken Word, Dance, Music, Performance

Racial, Social, and Reproductive Justice 

Workshops, Resource Fair Expo, Performance, Celebration

Media Storytelling, Spoken Word, Dance


Scholarships and Sponsorship contact: Maya Sol

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In Solidarity,

Maya Sol Dansie

Director of Annual Cumbre Juvenil

(She, Her, Hers, Ella|La)

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